Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday links

From Ian:

Restoring Israeli deterrence by Gerald Steinberg
"Israel owes its survival to effective and continuous deterrence. Confronted with uniquely narrow borders and destructive threats from all directions, the threat of large-scale response has been Israel’s most effective insurance policy. When the IDF has acted effectively to deter the threats of conventional attacks from large armies, mass terror campaigns and missiles aimed at cities, Israeli citizens have been protected."

Douglas Murray: Who started it?
"If you read most of the British media that may well be what you think. After all there has been barely any previous mention in the British papers of the massive escalation in rocket fire into Israel in the last month or the even swifter escalation this week. Certainly no British paper or broadcaster has come close to giving these attacks the front-page publicity they grant to Israel’s response today."

We must back Israel over Hamas terror chief killing
"The Foreign Office came out with the standard, dithering rubbish effectively refusing to take sides. The FCO tweeted:
"We continue to call on all sides to exercise restraint to prevent a dangerous escalation that would be in no one’s interests. #Gaza"
It could have been worse, of course. It could have been a response from the BBC."

IDF Disperses Warning Leaflets Over Gaza Strip, in Effort to Limit Civilian Casualties (VIDEO)

IDF Warning to Hamas: Don't Show Your Faces Above Ground
IDF spokesman said there will be further military operations in the coming days and said he expects more rockets from Hamas

Missiles Fired on Nuclear Reactor in Dimona

The New York Times Dismissing Palestinian Rocket Attacks on Israel?
The Times wrote that those attacks were "called rocket attacks" by Israel as if the Israeli's were simply making unsubstantiated claims about the attacks.

Guardian ‘Live Blog’ on Gaza accuses IDF of “chest thumping” over killing of Hamas terror chief

Protesting Israel’s Gaza operation, Egypt withdraws ambassador from Tel Aviv
Atef Salem arrived less than a month ago, telling President Peres he came to work for ‘mutual trust and transparency’

Aid amid austerity: Egypt to receive over $6bn in aid from EU

How "Moderate" Palestinians Succumb to Threats by Khaled Abu Toameh
"This radicalization — to a point where they are not ready to hear about any concessions to Israel — is the direct result of decades of anti-Israel incitement and indoctrination, spearheaded, ironically, by the "moderate" Palestinian Authority leadership that is publicly talking about making peace with Israel."

Palestinian Authority unable to pay salaries, even as it pursues statehood
The Palestinian drive for non-member state status at the UN could trigger Israeli economic retaliation that would end the viability of the Palestinian Authority.

Beinart banned from Atlanta’s Jewish book festival
"Beinart was then scheduled to speak in a smaller venue in downtown Atlanta, nearly 20 miles (32 kilometers) from the festival site at the suburban community center. The 200 seats allotted for his talk quickly sold out."

Talk-show host grabs local trivia show
Ellen DeGeneres liked Dror Refael’s ‘Anybody Home?’ show so much, she bought the concept for her own program

Stem cells could be used to make biological pacemaker for heart patients
Injections of heart muscle created from patients’ own skin cells could save them from needing surgery to implant artificial pacemakers that regulate their heartbeat, following new research.

A breakthrough in bone marrow failure?
Pluristem’s PLX placenta-based cell therapies may provide hope for patients who have reached the end of the line.

Israel Pioneers New Type of Liver Cancer Treatment
"The method applies a direct flow of high-voltage electrical currents to the malignant tumor and has raised new hope for patients diagnosed with the disease. Until now, a cancerous growth in the liver has been considered a death sentence."

Wine Enthusiast Names Golan Heights Winery “New World Winery of the Year”
"Winemaker Victor Schoenfeld added: “Our proudest achievement is our ongoing effort to work in tune with our natural elements, making high-quality wines that are a true reflection of our unique combination of latitude, high altitude and beautiful volcanic soils. We continue to realize what an amazing region we have, and how much the potential seems limitless.”