Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Midweek link stuff

From Ian:

Wall St Journal Editorial: Israel under fire
Rockets keep coming from Gaza, not that the world notices
"Israel has been fortunate to suffer few fatalities so far from the Gaza attacks. Some of that owes to Israel's deployment of the Iron Dome air defense system, which recently intercepted eight rockets aimed at larger Israeli cities. But no defensive system is perfect and at some point a Palestinian barrage may take a large toll in lives, forcing Israel to respond in a major way.When that happens, Israel will be urged to show "restraint" by the usual diplomatic suspects. We're writing this as a reminder of how much restraint Israel has already shown."

Jordan's King Abdullah "Playing With Fire" by Khaled Abu Toameh
"The Muslim thugs would not have dared to attack the Halloween party if they thought that the Jordanian authorities would respond in a tough manner.
Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi thugs today feel secure enough to impose their will on any Jordanian. By releasing convicted terrorists from prison, the king is encouraging his rivals to pursue their efforts to destabilize the kingdom and create an Islamic state in Jordan."

Stand With Us: Yes, anti-Semitism is still a problem on campus
“StandWithUs was among the first groups that mobilized to empower students to defend Israel by providing educational materials, advocacy training, and support for their campus events. In many cases, the anti-Israel campaign backfired, producing pro-Israel student leaders motivated to teach their campus communities about Israel. Several organizations now work with these students. Some pro-Israel faculty have also stepped forward to insist on restoring academic and professional standards, and to sponsor Israel education events.
Despite the positive developments, we should not let misleading interpretations of the study or glib headlines lull us into complacency. The challenge remains, and we must do all we can to meet it. Israel and our pro-Israel students deserve no less.”

Told that Norway is the West’s most anti-Semitic country, diplomat lashes out at Israel
After bestselling author slams Oslo for anti-Semitism ‘on state level’ and alleged pro-Palestinian bias, deputy head of mission says the occupation is ‘defining factor’ of Norway’s relations with Israel

Leaders call to fight wave of anti-Israel agitation
Christian, Jewish leaders focus on countering anti-Israel sentiment within the large Protestant churches around the world.
According to Wilkinson, a propaganda campaign is being waged by the Palestinian Authority, the Islamic world and by the Protestant church including the Evangelical church, “propagating replacement theology and its new manifestations.”
“The big lie is Christian Palestinianism, the anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian crusade going on in the church today that will say from one corner of its mouth ‘we love the Jewish people’ and from the other corner of its mouth ‘we hate Israel.’ That is not possible. You cannot love the Jewish people and hate Israel,” Wilkinson declared.

10 Border Guard officers injured in Shufat
Two officers sustain moderate wounds, eight sustain light injuries while arresting suspects in Palestinian refugee camp; teen who stabbed one of the officers injured during arrest

Zionist Entity to Be Sued over Abu Jihad Assassination
Two Tunisian lawyers plan to file a lawsuit against the Zionist regime for the 1988 assassination of the deputy of late Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) leader Yasser Arafat.

Syrian workers now drawing hostility from Lebanese hosts
“We’ve seen the army and the police detaining and roughing up a number of Syrian workers. Most recently, the Lebanese army beat up 72 workers; most of them were Syrian,” Houry said. “The Lebanese army rounded up the migrant men in the neighborhood and decided to ‘teach them a lesson’ instead of doing police work.”

Egyptian footballer says he may play for Israeli team
"Suleiman said that any player’s wish to play in the Israeli league is justified by the suspension of football activity in Egypt, criticizing "those responsible for resuming the activity in the country who do not think of the future of all the workers of the sports sector.”

[UPDATE: He now denies it. - EoZ]

Tennis superstar Williams vacations in Eilat
Serena, one of the top female players in the sport’s history, visits Israeli resort town

As demand for food rises, Israel doubles up on agritech
Israel’s capabilities in agricultural technology will help ensure that the world’s growing population has enough to eat, a top agribusiness executive says

The need for speed is just an illusion
Israeli psychologist invents a device to prove how little time drivers actually save by hitting the pedal to the metal.

Israel Daily Picture: Fez, Tarboush, Kaffiya -- Why the Arabs of Palestine Flipped their Ottoman Lids in the 1930s
As the accompanying 1920 picture of an Arab demonstration shows, most of the Arab men were wearing fezzes (tarboush) or turbans. Only a few were wearing the cloth kaffiya
and agal (the cord on top).


8 year old boy donates money to Hezbollah to buy a drone

Israelis blowing up a house in 1968. Not what you think, though:

CiFWatch satire: Bowing to U.S. pressure, Abbas announces 10 month freeze on incitement & antisemitism