Friday, November 16, 2012

IDF Arabic spokesperson is busy

There have been plenty of articles about Israel's PR push to show the world its side of the story during this current conflict, but not too much about IDF's Arab PR initiative.

The IDF has an Arabic YouTube page where they show the same aerial videos we've seen elsewhere, sprinkled with video interviews of the IDF's Arab spokesperson, Avichai Adraee.

It looks like he has been keeping busy, too.

Al Masry al-Youm quoted him using an Arabic phrase to describe Hamas. The phrase literally means "He hit me and cried, and also went to complain to me," saying that Hamas has no right to whine about a war that they started.

I see him most often quoted in Egyptian media, like Al Ahram and Shorouk News; but Arabic media outside Egypt has not been as obsessed over this operation as they had been in the past. Jordan is busy with its own now-daily (and sometimes deadly) anti-government protests, Lebanon is far more nervous about Syria, and everyone else seems pretty blase about this whole thing.