Thursday, November 15, 2012

How many times has Hamas "opened the gates of hell"?

You remember how Hamas promised on Wednesday to "open the gates of hell" in response to Ahmed Jaabari's killing?

It is a habit with them.

Longtime blogger Meryl Yourish used to do a "Open the Gates of Hell" watch so I decided to do a quick search of when else Hamas and other terror groups made that same promise.

November, 2001 - in response to Israel's killing of Mahmoud Abu Hanoud

January 2002 - Fatah warning Israel not to hurt a terrorist in custody

September 2003 - after an unsuccessful attempt to kill Sheikh Yassin

March, 2004 - after the successful attempt to kill Sheikh Yassin

July 2005 - after Israel killed 7 Hamas terrorists

November 2005 - After Israel killed a member of Fatah and Hamas

February 2006 - when Israel withheld money transfers to Gaza

June 2006 - by the PRC after their founder was killed

April 2007 - a general warning against an Israeli invasion of Gaza

May 2007 - after Israel fired at the house of Ismail Haniyeh

August 2008 - Islamic Jihad general warning against Israel

December, 2008 - Hamas threatened this before Cast Lead

March 2011 - threat against UNRWA if it started teaching about the Holocaust in Gaza schools

It looks like every time the terrorists "open the gates of hell," they fall right in.

(h/t Omri)