Saturday, November 03, 2012

Egyptians blaming "Zionists" for El Arish police murders

From Al Ahram:
Three policemen were reported killed of gunshot wounds and three others injured during an armed assault by unknown assailants on Saturday in Al-Arish, in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.

A medical source from Al-Arish hospital said that six policemen were admitted to the hospital at 3:00pm Saturday.

According to a security source, the assault is believed to be in response to the killing of three men by police in Sinai last week.

Sinai, on the border with Israel, has been witnessing increasing violence in the past months with recurring clashes between security forces and militants.

Bedouins living in the Sinai Peninsula have had long-standing grievances with Egyptian police and have long complained of government neglect.
But Arabic media know who the culprits are!

Egypt's Youm7, and other Arabic media, claim that "witnesses" say that the gunmen were "Zionists." Their proof? Because the shooters had cars and heavy weapons.

I guess that they looked Jewish.