Sunday, November 11, 2012

12 11/11/12 links

12 from Ian:

BDS Fail in Brighton by Jonathan Hoffman
Brighton Argus: "A large group of pro-israel supporters gatecrashed a planned protest outside the Brighton Dome last night. Pro-Palestinian campaigners had arranged to picket the performance of controversial dance group the Batsheva ensemble. But unknown to them, their opposite numbers had arranged a counter-demo, outnumbering the original protest."

Finance minister threatens to withhold tax revenues if Palestinians make UN statehood bid
Yuval Steinitz points at success of freezing assets in preventing similar measure last year

BBC Watch: Petition for release of BBC’s Balen Report
“We call upon the BBC to release the findings to the general public of the Balen report that looked into its Middle East coverage and allegations of bias against Israel by the BBC. The BBC has spent over a third of a million pounds on covering up these findings for eight years."

Islamic Leader Praises Zawahiri, Calls For Shariah Law in Egypt
"Rifai Taha, the former president of Gamaa Islamiyya’s Shura council in Egypt, said that al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri should be praised and called on Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi to allow Zawahiri’s return to Egypt."

EU to mull listing Hezbollah as terror group
Austria’s Foreign Ministry tells 'Post' discussions underway to designate Lebanese Shi'ite group as terrorist organization.

Turkey searches Armenian plane en route to Syria
Aircraft flying to Damascus detained, searched by Ankara authorities in attempt to thwart potential arms delivery to Syrian military

Refugee-Turned-Activist Seeks Attention for Plight of Egyptian Jews
“The difference between the Israeli refugee camps and the Palestinian ones is that in Israel we worked, studied, got out, and prospered,” Zamir says. “The Palestinians keep themselves in their camps for four generations, with UNRWA (the United Nation Relief and Works Agency) giving more and more money.”

Cotler to Canada: Recognize Jewish refugee rights
Canadian MP proposes formal government recognition of 850,000 Jews "forcibly displaced and exiled from Arab countries."

His deep, dark secret: He’s Arab, Muslim and serves in the IDF
New film looks at the tiniest of Israel’s minorities — Muslim Arabs who voluntarily enlist
Video with Hebrew subtitles

Israeli team to help put ‘disaster robots’ on their feet
Researchers from BGU to participate in US-sponsored program to develop robots to assist in an emergency

The top 10 advances in diabetes research in Israel
Israel is a powerhouse in diabetes research. In honor of World Diabetes Day, November 14, ISRAEL21c brings you the top developments emerging from the country.

Bahá'í Shrine voted most beautiful structure in Israel
More than 40,000 readers of lifestyle portal Xnet rank 50 public structures famous for unique architecture

Also, Christian Zionism - a Overdue Reality Check by David Brog

PalWatch on PA kids saying "the Jews" killed Arafat

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